What Sexual Assault Victims Should Know 

Sexual abuse is a growing concern in today’s society, and the experience of being sexually assaulted might leave you with physical, psychological, and emotional pain. The trauma after being sexually assaulted can get you scared, disturbed, and ashamed. However, you should not consider that as the end of everything. There are essential things you need to know if you are a victim of sexual assault.

 Ensure Your Safety

 When sexually assaulted, your priority should be your safety because you are still important no matter the incident. The sexual assault experience will leave you traumatized, confused, overwhelmed, and shocked. Therefore, you should not remain at the sexual assault scene because it might not be safe (https://www.healthpartners.com/blog/how-to-support-survivors-of-sexual-assault/).

 If the sexual assault incident happened at your house, you could call your relative or closest friend to come over and be with you as you wait for the next step. Alternatively, consider locking yourself and having a rest. Then, make yourself feel safe again after the incident. Alternatively, if the incident happened outside your home, call someone you trust to come and help you get home.

 You Need Medical Attention

 Many sexual assault victims are always reluctant to go to the hospital. You might be feeling unworthy and ashamed of yourself because of what happened. Remember, it was not your liking – whatever happened was abuse, and you need medical attention.

 Keep in mind that you should not take a shower, comb your hair, or change clothes before heading to the hospital. You will receive medication for your physical injuries at the hospital if any, and doctors will examine to collect DNA samples, blood samples, urine samples, and any other forensic evidence. 

 Deciding to go for an examination after sexual assault can be challenging, but it is vital for your health and also for the sake of seeking justice.

 You Need To Take Legal Actions

 Sexual assault is an offense, and as a victim, you need to seek justice. However, you might find it hard to report at times, or you might not know whether you should report the assault or not. You may have your reasons why you find it hard to report. That is why you need to talk to someone to help you decide.

 One of the reasons it might be hard for you to report the assailant is your relation with the assailant. For example, the assailant might be your relative, friend, acquaintance, or someone with whom you share a mutual friend. No matter how close you are to the assailant, the action of sexual assault is not justified.

 The best way to relieve yourself from the trauma is to report the case to a law enforcement agency and testify against the assailant. You probably think that it will be hard for you to get justice, let that not worry you. With the evidence collected at the hospital and the support of your loved ones, you will get justice.

 After being sexually assaulted, it might be hard for you to recollect and be yourself again. Consider joining support groups and engage in activities that will help you find yourself. At the support groups, you will also get information on how to cope and speed your recovery.